Version 1.52 - 2008/12/17

Fixed a bug that caused sizeLeft/Top to be ignored if the cookie option was used.

Version 1.5 - 2008/04/02

The first public version of the splitter, 1.03, was released on 2007/01/19. Version 1.5 has several new features and bugfixes. If you are currently using 1.03, be aware that some of the options have been renamed; you may need to do some minor edits before you can upgrade.

See the splitter documentation

Breaking changes

The left and right panes can no longer have padding and border placed on them. This was done so that the splitbar can be moved entirely to one side or the other, effectively hiding one pane. To add padding or border to a pane, nest another element within the pane. Several of the examples show how to do this.

Renamed features

New features

Bugs fixed

Bugs remaining